Sex SOLDAYS: Lingam massage

Personally, I feel like sex magic ain’t about honey jars or putting ya blood in spaghetti … but it’s about knowing yourself and your body and using the MAGIC INSIDE OF YOU to manifest what you desire, YOU are the altar,, YOU are the magic, You’re the SOURCE, things outside of you CAN HELP, but you’re the main ingredient.
Holistically talking about ways to improve our sexlife through improving the health of our organs/cells 
There are points EVERYWHERE on your body that you can massage EXTERNALLY that will stimulate INTERNAL organs, glands, mineral production, & overall regeneration/health
A lingam (penis) massage is a tantric, wholistic massage.
the intent of the massage is not to make him cum, but to heal his body and activate his muthafuking soul 
This massage is meant to be pleasurable and TO ALLOW him to actually relax, take the pressure away from trying to have sex just to ejaculate. This massage is meant to honor the PRESENT, this moment right now. This massage is meant for him to FEELLLLL, NOT THINK. This massage is meant to give thanks to your man, to honor him & his penis as the life forse that it IS, and the magic that makes. As you see you can activate the pineal gland by massaging the tip, the heart, the lungs, stomach, etc.. this massage can also be used to help him practice semen retention & sexual regeneration.
You want to massage the inner thighs, his head & temples
The balls are connected to alllllll glands, don’t YOU EVERRR forget the ballssssss sis.
Now if your man has been dealing with:
Depression, grief, sadness = massage the outer parts of the head
Fear = massage the lower part (shaft)
Anger, guilt =massage the middle part
Hate, spiteful = massage the middle of the head
Worrying, stressed about life & past = massage the area under the head
Before you start the massage I always say get the mood RIGHT.
Don’t eat 2 hours before, and drink plenty water the day this will take place.
Healthy body= healthy sex
Wear oils that match your intention for the night
Citrus oils(happiness/joy)
Lavender (calmness, relaxing)
Frankincense (focus, goal setting )
Etc… whatever works for you✨
You can use oils on his genitalia.
I LOVE coconut & Avocado oil,
I do sell massage oil Good Pusséy oil filled with aphrodisiacs and healing oils
My line of oils will increase in time
 good Pusséy oil can be used on ya man and then you can slide down on him. 
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