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Pusséy, paint & plant’s Vegan brunch

Pusséy, paint & plant’s Vegan brunch

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Tis the season of indoor gardening.
 Pussèy, paint & plants is an event presented by Good Pusséy Chronicles. In this event we will paint planter pots lead by Ratat rayay, and then plant herbs in the pots that we’ve painted. Herbal Education of the plants will be discussed by Nights With Luna. For beginner plant babes or advanced, we invite everyone out to learn about the herbs and plants we can grow inside our homes. 
A plant based brunch is included with your ticket, as well as bottomless drinks. Raw food options available as well. Door prizes, vendors, and a live DJ are also included. We look forward to Vibing with you. Please stay active in the Good Pusséy chronicles Facebook group so we can share pictures of our growth, both plants and our personal growth during the winter season. 

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